Saturday, July 26, 2008

GSoC Update

It's been a pretty laid back week or two for me. Google paid up, and I bought myself a microKorg (to compliment my circuit-bent Casio Sk-1), and I don't have buy my potatoes on credit anymore, which feels good, but a little un-American.

I spent most of these couple weeks just wandering the code, putting an end to bugs that stumbled across my path, but there are couple noteworthy items.

First, I have saving playlists more or less working. Which was something I was putting off writing, because it was a hassle, and not the kind of hassle I find very interesting.

The other good news is that the solver is about to become much much faster. I switched from hash table sets (QSet) to bit array sets, which are much better suited for the obscene number of intersect and subtract operations I have to do. The result is the solver should be nearly instantaneous. No more 20 second waits when you put in a bunch of biases.

I have a pretty expansive todo list, but I'm eager to implement some new types of biases to see what the solver can really do. I've gotten some good suggestions for biases that hadn't occurred to me. Let me know if you have an idea for one, and I may write it up.


kriko said...

I saw that the bias entry for "last played" was added, however it needs a fixed date.
Would it be possible to define "week", "days", "months"...? Also watch out for time changes in case users are running amarok continuosly ;)

Mark said...

In your next post you might want to mention that this is about Amarok, cause this isn't entirely obvious on PlanetKDE ;)